Monday, January 28, 2013

The Journey Has Just Begin...Thank You Toastmasters

From displaying sheer nervousness during the ice breaker speech to smacking lips, clasping hands, going blank, forgetting the content, losing the connect, irregular body movements, and numerous grammatical mistakes in the following nine speeches, I feel the Toastmaster journey has just started now. It took me an year and excessive mentoring by valuable Toastmaster Club of New Delhi (TMND) friends to complete my Competent Communicator award. I feel delighted about it!

As I embark the trek on the real ladder of communication and leadership through advanced manuals and opportunities in the professional and personal life, I would like to look back and thank all my friends and fellow Toastmasters for their continuous support and encouragement.

Thank you TMND for truly living the spirit of Toastmasters, where leaders are made.

I value the feedback and encouraging remarks, CRC approach  ;- ), shared by my fellow Toastmaster friends. I have decided to preserve these before they die a short life of paper.
PS: I will strive that these will also be preserved in my communication and leadership style.  

Tarun Jain


Ashish Sehgal said...
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Ashish Sehgal said...

Tarun, you are a wonderful speaker and it is always a pleasure to listen to your ideas and talks.
:) - Ashish Sehgal ( )

tarun jain said...

Thanks Ashish for the encouragement :-)

Basundhara said...

I was not lucky enough to experience your journey in the last few speeches, lest that I like the way you shared your thought here. and I am very happy for your success... luking forward to more such good news ahead...

and now its party time :)

Tarun Jain said...

Thanks Basundhara :-) many credits to you and your gyaan ;-)

subodh jain said...

I think it was a great experience.